We help organizations with user experience and product design to develop enterprise systems that optimize complex processes.

By understanding technology, strategy, and the people behind your business, we leverage design to help our clients to take control of their future and growth.

Areas of expertise Design for forward-thinking businesses

Transparent process, straightforward direction and great functional design is our proven recipe for success across multiple industries. To make a collaboration truly effective, you need a partner that understands your business. Our focus and expertise are in the following three areas.

Logistics & Transport



After many years with very traditional systems for the management of our logistics, transport and customs operations, TIBA needed to take the leap. Breaking away from the established past, it was key that our users – working from 20 countries, speaking five different languages – could make this change their own from the very first minute. It's not just the end result that Highwave offers, it's how they are embedded in the project to maximize the value offered in the shortest possible time.

José García de la Guía


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What we’ve been working on

TIBA (Grupo Romeu)

Facilitating worldwide transport operations through a single management platform

From time consuming tasks on legacy software to feeling in control with an efficient transport management system.


Powering agriculture and transportation with a flexible, component based framework

A versatile development framework and design system that power heavy duty web applications and back-end systems for mobile apps across multiple industries.


Training mindful driving through a fleet management system and assisting driver app

Increasing road safety with driving assistance app that focuses on drive style, connected with consumer friendly hardware and efficient fleet management software.


Managing local inventory for nationally operating cooperative supermarkets

UX design and scalable design system for inventory management software and mobile terminals bringing efficiency and overview to employees.

Sicsa Rail Transport

Effortlessly distributing freight for rail transport with straightforward trip operating system

Design for rail operations dashboard to make efficient use of available resources by assigning and distributing cargo across railway fleet.

Working with Highwave

Translating BPI needs into functional and usable products

Efficient deployment through a tandem collaboration with developers

Certified in SCRUM for Agile product management

Using collaborative design tools to streamline the production process

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Services Design for enterprise software and management systems

Our expertise and passion lead to working closely with our clients and to help shape strategic decisions. We speak the language of developers, making us the creative link between technology and business. Combined with our user-centered design process, consider us an extension of the team that creates interfaces with high usability.

User Experience (UX) and Interaction Design

User Interface (UI) Design

Scalable Design Systems

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